Connotation of the mission

Elegant as high-tech enterprises, through research and development, the production of environmentally friendly wallpaper, let the wallpaper into the thousands, to create a green home for human beings.

Elegant as environmental protection enterprise, in the whole process of wallpaper production, correctly handle the relationship between nature, society and enterprises, efficiently, civilization to realize the sustainable use of natural resources, contributing to society - economy - the harmonious coexistence of nature.

Elegant as value creative enterprise, will surpass the wallpaper has a form of business, make wallpaper add spiritual and vitality, so as to make life more elegant.


Green environmental protection, technological innovation

Grace will be forward-looking "green environmental protection, technology innovation" thought as the instruction, with abundant capital, advanced equipment, precision positioning, relying on the rich experience in research and development, marketing, with high quality, plastic brand as the carrier integration of upstream and downstream industry chain and related resources, to build with "elegant" as the core brand values, goal is to become a leader in the global green wallpaper.


Lean entrainment Dare to transcend

Lean entrainment: elegant stress system, professional, innovation, rigorous, efficient maxim; Advocate solidarity and mutual trust, do not shuffle, do not delay the pace and style of work.

Dare to transcend, elegant initiative positive professional spirit, perseverance, dare to bear; With beyond self, beyond the opponent's grand ambitions.

Lean entrainment, enhance their own professional ability, comprehensive systematic thinking, careful responsible for dealing with problems, improve the quality, the pursuit of efficiency; Cultivate team spirit, pay attention to team communication, promote team cooperative engagement capability.


A good life will grace

People are yearning for a better life, but a good life first is elegant;

To create a good life, the home installs wallpaper or not lack; Born and elegant wallpaper for a good life, will is the source of happiness, good life and preferred.

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